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Advocacy and Lobbying

NCCA empowers members with advocacy training and resources. We partner with other national organizations to represent your voice on Capitol Hill.

Networking and Professional Development

We unify our members through local and national networks and provide opportunities for continuing education through conferencing and webinars. Membership in NCCA also fulfills professional development membership requirements for the CDA and similar credentials, National Accreditation, and STARS/QRIS.

Discounted Services

    National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) – National Director and Teacher Credentialing and Early Care and Education Program Accreditation
    • Members receive 10% off their first time accreditation fees and national credentials.
    • Since 1991, the NECPA has had a heritage of supporting the profession of early care and education by encouraging the availability of high quality, affordable child care and preschool programs for children, families and communities. We fulfill our non-profit mission of Encouraging Quality and Recognizing excellence through director and teacher credentialing and research-based accreditation.
  • Inspire Care 360
    Inspire Care 360 – Connect to Experts that help “Propel Your Childcare Center to New Heights of Profitability & Efficiency.”
    • A Leading Childcare Management Support Network
      • We Provide the support you need to efficiently run your childcare center.
      • We Are Owners with over 25 years of combined experience in all areas of running a childcare center productively and efficiently.
      • A Unique Perspective and insight into the challenges of running a childcare facility
  • Quorum
    Quorum – Kaplan Early Learning – Professional Development Training
    • or
    • Members will be able to enjoy the discounted group rate of $79.95 (usually $89.95 for an individual membership).
    • Quorum learning includes:
      • An online professional development membership program for early educators
      • 24/7 access for one year
      • Membership includes 170+ hours including all training required for a CCP.
      • Customer support through 7 day a week Help Desk
      • CEUs awarded nationwide; approved for state training hours
      • Group membership includes allowance for staff turnover
      • Parent engagement component with every course
  • Go2s
    Go2s– Private Social Network
    • Go2s is a private social network where you can connect with your most trusted family and friends (your Go2s) and discover how to extend your support network. Life becomes easier when you can reach out to someone you trust.
    • The Go2s private social network allows you to connect with individuals as well as groups of people you are interested in and form new support systems.  Go2s groups are flexible and designed to allow members to become more effective in their activities and coordination.  Whether you’re a sport team coach or coordinating a golf outing, hiking trip, or a book club meeting, you can benefit from Go2s groups.
    • Go2s will reimburse your membership fees once you join Go2s, create a group, make a post and invite a friend!
  • VMD
    VMD Healthcare Solutions – VMD can instantly connect you to a doctor, therapist, dentist and more via their phone app and website.
    • Group plans available starting at only $20 per month.
    • VMD understands the constant challenge of wanting to provide valuable benefits to your employees, however, due to the rising cost of healthcare, most business owners can not afford to do so. Therefore, VMD has partnered with some of the best providers in the industry to help provide access to high quality care and services all via our phone app and website.  Our collective buying power makes it possible to offer healthcare and lifestyle benefits for your organization at a fraction of the cost of most traditional health plans. Our partnerships, with some of the best in the industry, assures our clients that their employees will get the best support and service included in their customized benefits package. Even if your organization already offers health insurance, we can help you and your employees save time and money by reducing out-of-pocket expenses.
  • D&D
    D&D Technologies – Hardware for gates and more
    •, Buy Here: 
    • World’s most trusted gate hardware. Learn more here:
    • D&D Technologies is the recognized leader in safety and hi-performance gate hardware globally providing the broadest range of gate hardware for every application. D&D Technologies produces over 300 gate hardware products and has 30 years of experience in the gate hardware industry.  We are constantly refining the designs of our premium hardware to improve child safety around child care centers, schools, swimming pools, homes, businesses and wherever safety is critical.  All products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Callan Group
    Callan Group Communications is a marketing company that believes in the mission of NCCA! By being a member, you can receive a complimentary digital profile that is a comprehensive report that identifies areas for your business to excel online. You will easily see areas of opportunity that can help build your Centers visibility digitally which in turn, can support retention and growth. To request your digital profile please email Diane. Remember to include your website link when you email her.
  • Hopping In
    HoppingIn – Don’t lose money on your empty childcare spots! With HoppingIn, you can display your available spots and let parents book the care they need. This allows you to offer daycare on demand and bring in extra revenue. Learn more online.
  • Kaplan
    Kaplan Early Learning Company – For more than 50 years, Kaplan Early Learning Company has been a champion for play. From our research-based curricula to enriching classroom environments and innovative technology solutions, Kaplan’s products and services inspire a lifelong love of learning in children and educators. We are architects of learning good and defenders of the imagination. We live for inseparable bonds and open minds. We encourage the eager and inspire the inspirers. We transform lives through play. Learn more online. Also, watch their Manifesto here.
  • Child Care Biz Help
    Child Care Biz Help is the childcare industry’s premier consulting firm, offering customized, holistic solutions to help their partners run a more successful businessWith a team comprised entirely of individuals with childcare backgrounds, they have the experience and expertise to provide solutions and insights that cannot be found anywhere else in the childcare industry. From internal work like streamlining operations and establishing procedures to external initiatives like recruitment efforts and brand development, Child Care Biz Help provides a full solution that touches every facet of a business. With customizable levels of involvement, Child Care Biz Help has extensive experience, both training organizations to implement a customized solution or coming into a business and doing the work for them. Led by innovative owner, Caroline Jens, Child Care Biz Help has a deep understanding of the current state of the childcare industry and a clear vision of where it is headed in the future. Find out more here:
  • Catch
    Catch is the first benefits platform built for independents to manage key benefits. Each time you get paid Catch automatically sets aside a percentage for your taxes, retirement, savings, and health insurance. The product is primarily free and links directly to your bank account so you can focus more on getting paid and less on managing your benefits.

    Through the Ladies Get Paid partnership with Catch, any new NCCA users that create a Catch account will get a $25 bonus, once they’ve saved $100 in their Catch account. 

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